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A Beginners Guide to Beneficial Bugs in Cannabis

Often in the wild the balance between pest bug and predator bug is achieved naturally. However, in the artificial environments delicately crafted by cannabis growers, natural balance is unlikely to develop. These ideal growing environments are optimal for breeding many species of pest insects. Despite this, pest bugs can be battled if the grower introduces beneficial bugs to the grow space to establish balance.

Let's meet some of the power players of the beneficial bug world for cannabis...

For Spider Mites

Phytoseiulus Persimilis is a small predatory mite with a big appetite. These tiny mites have a voracious appetite and will hunt all developmental stages of spider mites. An effective predator, proven to be successful in battling the web producing enemy of the cannabis grower. Note that this predator will not breed well in the conditions that are typically ideal for marijuana plants to thrive. This means that Persimilis need to be reapplied weekly until the spider mite population begins to decline (aka biological balance).

When plants are in the vegetative stage of growth, Persimilis can be broadcast over the canopy. Once the plants start to flower, broadcast is no longer the ideal application method as the sawdust carrier material will attach to the sticky developing buds. In the flowering stage, place bulk materials in bioboxes and distribute evenly throughout the crop. 

For Thrips

Orius Insidious, aka the 'Pirate Bug' is an active predator that is an effective treatment for the western flower thrip. When using Nutri-cards (frozen ephesia eggs) with Orius they attain a higher breeding/cycling success rate.

In all stages of plant growth, Insidious can be placed in bioboxes and hung amongst the canopy avoiding direct sunlight. To achieve the best efficacy, the boxes should be left undisturbed for several days to allow the adult bugs to breed.

For Fungus Gnats

Hypoaspis miles more recently known as stratiolaelaps scimitus is a small beneficial mite. The Hypoaspis is a natural predator for fungus gnats, and will also feed on shore flies, and thrip larvae. It can be used with a variety of growing medium, does not tolerate flooding, and are less active below 14°c. These spry mites are scavengers and can survive for several weeks without prey.

The Hypo can be placed in small piles on the growing media just after watering.

These are the main three pests that are found in Cannabis and the beneficial bugs that hunt them. For more information feel free to browse the product pages of our website or email us questions at biobloomed@gmail.com or use our Contact Us form.

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