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Fungus Gnats

About - Fungus gnats are small black flies approximately 3mm in length. Adults like to snack on organic matter such as decaying leaves. Females live up to one week and can lay up to 300 eggs. They lay their eggs in the soil and the hatching larvae eat the tiny root hairs and can kill young plants, damage mature plants, and decrease final yields. To view the information sheet for this pest click here.

Monitoring - Place yellow sticky cards on or near the soil of your plants throughout your growing area. Check the cards everyday to spot adult fungus gnats. Deploying beneficial bugs before a total infestation is key. You may see adult fungus gnats flying around your room and if you look really close small white wiggling dots in the top layer of your soil. Your plants may experience sudden wilting, loss of vigor, poor growth, yellowing, twisted abnormal growth, and buds not filling out.

Treatment - Hypoaspis miles (Stratiolaelaps scimitus) are an economical predatory mite and will walk relatively long distances to search out prey. The hypoaspis miles is our most popular treatment for fungus gnats. Atheta coriaria (Dalotia coriaria) rove beetles are fast and aggressive predators that feed on the fungus gnat eggs and larvae.  Lastly, the Nematode Steinernema feltiae live in the soil and actively hunt for prey, entering natural openings and infecting the host.

Click here to download our Fungus Gnat information sheet.

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