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About - Whiteflies damage plant by feeding on the tender new growth. They are known as plant virus transmitters and leave behind sticky residue and black mold on leaves. This insect can be very destructive.

Monitoring - Winged whitefly adults will billow up in a cloud when disturbed. They resemble a small moth with powdery white wings and body. Your plants may show signs of stunted growth, yellowed brittle leaves, and white spots on the underside of the leaves.

Treatment - Delphastus pusillus is a predatory beetle can consume over 17,000 white flies of various stages in their 25 day life span. Encarsia formosa is a wasp that has been used since the 1920's as an effective whitefly control. Amblyseius swirskii is a predatory mite with a big appetite that will also dine on thrips and spider mites. Eretmocerus eremicus is a parasitic wasp that eat whitefly larvae as soon as they hatch from their eggs.

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