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BioBloomed is pleased to announce the launch of BUGS FOR NUGS. Bugs for Nugs is an educational campaign that focuses on teaching new and experienced cannabis growers the benefits of using biological pest control as an alternative to pesticides.

Cannabis production has existed for decades without regulation in the black market and as a result much of the cannabis that was purchased and sold contained a high level of pesticides. As of October 17th, 2018 cannabis is legal across Canada and licenced producers of cannabis will face consequences if their product tests positive for nearly 100 banned pesticides.This is good news for consumers that will be sourcing their product(s)from one of these growers.

So what if you have decided to grow your own cannabis? First of all you should know that many of the pesticides and insecticides that can easily be found on retailer shelves are NOT SAFE FOR CANNABIS. This many sound a bit confusing as these products are typically deemed safe to use on food crops. These same products have been banned for use on cannabis because they are typically combusted instead of consumed orally like food.

The question now becomes what can growers use to maintain healthy plants instead of using chemical pesticide? Beneficial bugs are a great alternative to pesticide. Beneficials are predatory carnivorous insects that search out and eat or infect the pest bugs that are damaging your plants.

For example, spider mites are a common pest that take tiny bites out of cannabis leaves. Feltiella acarisuga is a flying predatory gall midge that has excellent prey detection capabilities. The midge larvae will eat up to 80 spider mite eggs per day making them very effective at controlling spider mite populations.

Benefits of biological controls are:

  • Beneficial bugs do not leave behind harmful or long lasting residues.
  • Unlike pesticides, pests do not “build up a resistance” to natural enemies.
  • Beneficial bugs will target specific pests and leave other 'good' bugs alone.
  • Over time beneficial bugs can self sustain by reproducing and building their own populations.
  • They can be more cost effective than pesticides when used as part of a integrated pest management program.

BioBloomed is an online retailer of beneficial bugs and companion products. We also offer online and in person consulting services to cannabis growers big and small.