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BioBloomed also offers a variety of consulting services. For new growers, our decades of experience will allow us to help you understand what you are doing right and what aspects of your grow could be changed to optimize your results. As a seasoned grower maybe you are changing locations or expanding your operation, BioBloomed can help you traverse any obstacles.

 Integrated Pest Management Programs (IPMP)

BioBloomed is able to create any type of IPM program including infestation management and/or prevention programs. Each IPMP that we design is specific to your facility and the challenges you may encounter. All of our programs include beneficial biological controls.

Nutrient Programs

We are able to design a custom nutrient program that will enhance the health of your plants, optimize yields, while ensuring compliance with medical and regulatory bodies.

Air Quality Management

Temperature, humidity, airborne pathogens, odor, and CO2 are all things that need to be regulated in your space. Let us help you determine the right products for these quality controls and where to locate them in your facility.


Your plants need a quality light source to grow to their absolute potential. The brightest light isn't always going to be the best solution for your space. We can help decide LED, HID, etc, how many, where to locate them, and why a particular fixture is right for your method of cultivation.

Production Planning

Let our award winning team help design your build-out.