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Thrip predator mite amblyseius cucumeris

Amblyseius cucumeris

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The Amblyseius cucumeris (Neoseiulus cucumeris) is a predatory mite that feeds mostly on immature stages of thrips. This gluttonous mite will also eat spider mites and other pest mites, as well as, pollen if thrips are not readily available. Cucumeris are very economical and can be effective in both outbreak and preventative applications.

Dosage - The information given here is a general guideline. Release rates can be affected by the stage/size of the cannabis plant, climate conditions, and level of infestation.

For small plants, apply 25 A. cucumeris per plant, per vertical foot. On larger plants use 50-100 A. cucumeris per plant, per vertical foot, weekly until the percentage of leaves with predators is greater than that with thrips.


Release Method

Bulk BRAN material - The predatory mites are packed per 25,000 or 50,000 in a practical 1L sprinkler tube with a bran carrier. Though a dosage lid the mites are spread on the leaves. A. cucumeris can also be obtained in 5L buckets containing 125,000 mites per bucket.

Bulk VERMICULITE material - This formulation is especially developed to blow A. cucumeris in the crop with a sprayer. These predatory mites are available in 25,000 and 50,000 1L sprinkler tube. These bugs can also be purchased in 5L buckets containing 250,000 predatory mites.

***Another method of release is to place bulk materials piles in each pot at base of plant. Mites have to be applied to every infected plant as they cannot fly.

Breeding System - Mini sachets can be hung on plants with hook near top of plant. Sachets last for approximately four weeks. Mini sachets on stakes can be inserted into growing media so that sachet sits about 1cm above surface and is in contact with plant. Do not open or puncture sachet as the hole provided is specifically engineered to produce optimum breeding conditions inside the sachet.




Can be stored at 15°c and 75-85% humidity for up to 5 days.