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The Aphidius ervi is a parasitic wasp that prefers larger species of aphids. This wasp is a skilled hunter and is able to find aphid colonies from a distance by detecting the distress signals from a infected plant or by smelling the honeydew secretions of the aphid. The female of this species will lay hundreds of eggs in host aphids during its first 4 days of adult life.

Dosage - The information given here is a general guideline. Release rates can be affected by the stage/size of the cannabis plant, climate conditions, and level of infestation.

For preventative applications use 0.05 to 0.1 A. ervi per ft², weekly. For early intervention in the case of infestation, use 0.5-2 A. ervi per ft², weekly or until biological balance is achieved.


Release Method

You will receive your your A. ervi in plastic bottles. Carefully remove the lids and gently transfer the mummies to the leaves or beneficial distribution boxes (recommended if in flower). For preventative treatments distribute the mummies evenly throughout the crop. For hotspot treatment place the mummies directly onto the leaves of infected plants or hang distribution boxes in and around infected plants.

Aphidius ervi should be released in the evening.




We recommend releasing A. ervi immediately upon receipt.

If immediate release is not possible, these wasps can be stored at 8-10°c for 1-2 days.