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Encarsia formosa has been used for the biological control of whitefly since the 1920's. This species of chalcidoid wasp have the ability to control mild to medium infestations of white fly. The wasp larvae hatch and then slowly weaken and kill whiteflies from within. Well established groups of wasps can provide long term crop protection. Yellow sticky cards should not be used with this beneficial insect, instead use blue cards to monitor pests.

Dosage - The information given here is a general guideline. Release rates can be affected by the stage/size of the cannabis plant, climate conditions, and level of infestation.

For preventative applications release at least 1 wasp per ft², weekly. For infestation application release 2-5 wasps per ft², weekly until monitoring shows a minimum of 80% of the whitefly have been parasitized.


Release Method

For E. formosa arriving on cards - hang cards 60-90 cm below the canopy, out of direct sunlight, distributing evenly throughout the crop. Shortly after the cards are hung the wasps will emerge.

For the E. eremicus and E. formosa mixes use the same release method.




We recommend immediate release of E. formosa upon arrival.

If immediate release is not possible, you may store E. formosa at 6-8°c, (in a plastic container to maintain the proper moisture) for up to 5 days. Do not refrigerate.

For the E. eremicus and E. formosa mixes use the same storage method.