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Hypoaspis miles

Hypoaspis miles

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Hypoaspis miles (Stratiolaelaps scimitus) is a small beneficial mite. The Hypoaspis is a natural predator for fungus gnats, and will also feed on shore flies, and thrip larvae. It can be used with a variety of growing medium, does not tolerate flooding, and are less active below 14°c. These spry mites are scavengers and can survive for several weeks without prey. We recommend using the Hypoaspis miles in conjunction with the Atheta coriaria.

Dosage - The information given here is a general guideline. Release rates can be affected by the stage/size of the cannabis plant, climate conditions, and level of infestation.

For preventative treatment use 50 mites per ft², bi-weekly, repeating three times. For light infestation treatment use 50-500 mites per ft², bi-weekly, repeating three times or until biological balance has been achieved. For heavy infestation treatment use 500-1000 mites per ft², weekly, repeating four times or until biological balance has been achieved.


Release Method

Your Hypoaspis miles will arrive in a 500ml, 1L cardboard tube or a 5L plastic bucket. Turn your cardboard tube horizontally and gently rotate to evenly distribute the Hypoaspis throughout the vermiculite and peat carrier. Then twist open the shaker tube lid and gently shake out small piles (approximately 1 teaspoon) in each pot. Each infected area needs to be treated as the Hypoaspis do not fly.




We recommend releasing the Hypoaspis miles immediately upon receipt.

If immediate release is not possible, you may store these predatory mites at 12-18°c and a relative humidity of >85% for a maximum of 4 days.