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Nematode Steinernema carpocapsae

Nematode Steinernema carpocapsae

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These parasitic nematodes are ambush shore fly and caterpillar attackers. The prefer to sit up and wait for prey. Once a host is found they enter through natural openings and release bacteria that kills the host within 24 - 48 hours. The bacteria helps create the perfect breeding environment and when the host no longer provides food the S. carpocapsae move on.

Dosage - The information given here is a general guideline. Release rates can be affected by the stage/size of the cannabis plant, climate conditions, and level of infestation.

For preventative soil applications use 500 000 S. carpocapsae per ft². For infestation soil treatment use 1 000 000 S. carpocapsae per ft².

For spray treatments use 250 000 nematodes per ft² and 1000L of water/nematode solution per acre.


Release Method

Your nematodes will arrive in a plastic tray mixed with a gel formation. You can apply the S. carpocapsae as a foliage spray or a dip for smaller plants. Mix the gel formation with water and stir or shake to dissolve and distribute evenly. For dip applications use a bubbler in your tank to maintain even coverage of nematodes. For spray applications do not use centrifugal pumps filters finer than 50-mesh, spray nozzles smaller than 0.5mm, or spray at higher than 300 psi. UV sunlight kills nematodes so be sure to spray when it is dark.




We recommend immediate release of your S. carpocapsae.

If immediate release is not possible, you may store your S. carpocapsae at 5°c, sealed, until best before date. Nematodes mixed with water cannot be stored.